Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Selling Some DMC Pearl Cotton Size 8 Again - on ARTFIRE

Ruth Sandra Sperling
RSS Designs Crochet Supplies on ARTFIRE

Above is a Slideshow of photos of some of the DMC threads that I use in my crochet -- and sometimes sell Balls or Skeins of.

I can buy DMC Pearl Cotton in some quantity - so I am offering a few colors of Size 8 that I have enough balls of to spare some - here in this ARTFIRE shop!!

I use a lot of DMC threads for a variety of reasons - of course, Quality, but also the choices of Colors -- and their Pearl Cotton is just one of the most beautiful threads I have ever worked with!!

Also, the fact that their threads are Colorfast is a huge selling point with me, as I often crochet and knit projects with multiple colors in them -- so the fact that the threads are Colorfast is very important to me, as they don't bleed!!!

I just want to emphasize how beautiful DMC Pearl Cotton is - you can use it, of course for everything, but it makes beautiful 3-dimensional and textured crocheted and knitted accents.

I use it a lot for 3-dimensional Flowers and Leaves - here are some photos of some examples (some are for sale and some already sold):

If you crochet or knit and would like some samples (a few inches of a thread in certain colors) - contact me through ARTFIRE!!

Some people also use Pearl Cotton for Needlepoint and Embroidery.

Check the DMC USA website for more information on these threads -- and the colors available!!