Sunday, October 10, 2010

Another REUSABLE BAG - This One's For Me!!

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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One thing is that I do what I advise -- especially when it comes to Reusable Bags -- and Handmade ones that are alternatives to the plastic or non-natural material ones that you find for purchase in stores.

Above is a photo of a Smallish Drawstring Bag that I just finished this evening - for Myself!!

I have this "little something" that is kind of odd-shaped that I always have to carry with me whenever I go out for more than a few minutes. I have to periodically take it in and out of the bag.

So, my Solution was to make myself a little bag in the shape and size I needed -- and make it drawstring, so it is was easy to open, take it out, put it back and pull it shut -- and have it stay shut. The bottom is totally designed by me -- I like tweeds , so I "made" a tweed by using 2 strands of size 10 crochet thread - one in Burgundy and one in Lavender - holding them together and the crocheted result looks like a tweed.

I sized it to exactly fit the "little something" and easily pull closed.

I am very happy with it -- but then it is a Custom Order for Me!!

When I have the time, I make other bags for myself for various uses. I love crocheting them in a variety of colors!! I need to make a bunch more - will show them here on my blog when I have them made.

This is part of my personal campaign to reduce the plastic in my life - at least not to purchase more and it is working - just need more time to get more bags and/or baskets done!!!

I have a small variety of Handmade Reusable Bags in my Etsy shop -- I can do a Custom Order for you to your specifications either through my Etsy shop or my Artfire Studio!! Or even by private email, if you choose -- see upper right-hand corner of this blog.

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