Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Deadline for Comments on Giant Sequoia National Monument Management Plan - Extended

Ruth Sandra Sperling

As I have been posting here about the Giant Sequoias and the Giant Sequoia National Monument Management Plan - I thought I would post an Update!

The U.S. Forest Service has extended the official Comment Period for submitting comments on this Management Plan one month - until December 3rd, 2010!!

So, if you would still like to -- you can still submit your comments during an official comment period.

Being public lands, public can always make comments on the Giant Sequoia National Monument, but getting them in during official comment periods mean that your comments are counted in their evaluation for the Final Environmental Impact Statement - in this case, an official Management Plan based on President Clinton's Presidential Proclamation!

I wrote some comments in a previous blog post about my choice of Alternative - Alternative C - with some specific comments, but when I wrote my letter, I went "all-out", as they say -- it ended up 9 pages long!! I want Natural Processes restored as much as possible!!!

But this is an important issue for me - for me, all the meetings, and documents and comments by me and others have been totally worth it!! I wanted to know what was going on with this forest, which is one of my favorites of all I have been in -- and I found out!!

So, if you want to make some comments still - Go for it!!