Thursday, November 25, 2010

Handmade Gift Suggestion for One of the Nights of Hanukkah

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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This time of year there are lots of thought about Gifts - what to give, what you will get - maybe a wishing list????

As most everyone who has read my blog, I am big on Handmade!!

For everyone - for every Holiday and Occasion!!

I am also very big on Recycled!!

Debby Arem Designs, who I Featured here on my blog back in October of 2009, is one of my favorite Artisans of Handmade.  I love her Recylced Circuit Board items - actually, some of them make me laugh, but what it comes down to is that from old Printed Circuit Boards, which would otherwise be trashed, she makes some really neat items -  which you can see in her Etsy shop, her Artfire Studio or her own website!!

Not only is she making neat things for people to buy -- but she is doing all of us and the planet a big favor by Recycling or Reusing these Printed Circuit Boards!!

The one pictured above - a Magnet with a Hanukkah theme made from Recycled Circuit Board -- might be a great little gift for your "lover" of Geekery for one of those nights of Hanukkah!!

There are plenty more Handmade Gifts in Debby Arem's online shops!!

Have some fun -- and think -- by supporting Handmade -- and buying items made from Recycled materials, you are doing yourself and everyone and the planet a favor!!

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