Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Member-Curated Online Galleries - or Treasuries on DESIGN STYLE GUIDE

Ruth Sandra Sperling
RSS Designs In Fiber - My Handmade Designs on ARTFIRE and ETSY

DESIGN STYLE GUIDE is a promotional site for Handmade Decor -- and I am a Member of it!!

One of the Features that comes with being a Member of DESIGN STYLE GUIDE is that you can create an Online Photo Gallery - or "Treasury" as it is called - of 12 items listed on DESIGN STYLE GUIDE.  A "Treasury" lasts 7 days -- and each Member can have one "Treasury" on the website at a time.

There is a page listing all the Treasuries on DESIGN STYLE GUIDE with the "Featured Treasury" of the Day, which is chosen "somehow" based on the Voting.  You can bookmark this page in your own computer browser to be able to check and see what is exhibited in these Online Galleries at any time!!!

It can change at any time, as a Member can create one every 7 days and who knows what themes will be in one "Treasury" at any time!!!

Above is a linking photo of my most recently created "Treasury" on DESIGN STYLE GUIDERomantic Hearts & Flowers by RSS Designs In Fiber .  Of course, it is done with the idea of with promoting Handmade Decor for the upcoming Valentine's Day.

Not everyone decorates their home based on Seasons or Holidays, but enough do that it is worthwhile making things for Holidays or Seasonally -- and promoting them!!  So, I do!!

Handmade Decor can be some of the most interesting and nice things to decorate a Home or Office -- or any space -- with.  Some of it is totally Unique -- some of it is totally "Eco" -- some of it is just very Artistic and pleasing to the eye!!

If you are looking to decorate Your Way -- you may find some Handmade Decor at DESIGN STYLE GUIDE that is Your Way!!

Members of DESIGN STYLE GUIDE list their Handmade Decor items to promote them -- for sale wherever they choose to sell them!!

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Christine Burgess said...

Nice post! I always try to create a treasury on DSG. Easy to do and there are some fabulous handmade items to choose from.