Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year - New Fiber Art Designs and More Coming

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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It's a New Year -- and I did make a few Resolutions!!

I always Resolve to live my life the best I can in many ways -- but I had to take a look at some things I was doing and figure out what I really wanted to accomplish -- a New Year's Resolution came out of that.

It is to really work on creating, in my Arts and Crafts, some Fiber Art designs that I have wanted to do -- and do with originality -- and work on them and actually get them made and presented - either for sale or for display (I don't sell everything I make).

I seem to have ideas all the time -- sometimes it is only what colors to do a pattern in -- or how I could do something in the colors and design that I want to do it in (not what someone else says -- what I visualize).

To be honest -- what I really want to do is create some things that are Unique and Aesthetic -- and Inspired by Nature, the World and Life.

Maybe some smaller things, like this:

And maybe some larger things, like this:

Actually, what I want to do is make some things that will bring some brightness and joyfulness into someone's life -- through Color, Design, and/or Subject!!

If I can do this, even with only a very few people, it will make me happy.

-- And I have just Updated my "DESIGNS with FLOWERS" page with some new Fiber Art listings here on my blog!!

In these cooler days of Winter -- even with the beauty of the snow-covered mountains in the distance -- I visualize Flowers and the bright green sprouting plants in the coming of Spring!!

Wishes for a good 2011 to all!!