Thursday, August 25, 2011

Back To School from "The Handmade Place"

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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I remember when I was growing up - there were 2 main shopping times then --  when I was preparing for the new school year -- and the Year-End Sales in Downtown Chicago (I blogged about this in another post last Year-End!).

When I was old enough to do some kind of work to make some extra money - Baby Sitting, then a part-time job - these were the times when I usually spent my hard-earned $$$!!

Kids didn't have their own Computers then -- in fact the only Computers I ever knew about when I was growing up were the ones being worked on by the Computer Science guys at the U of I, where I went to College.

But now Computers are an every-day thing for most people!!!

And it is quite common for Kids of All Ages to Have some kind of Notebook, Laptop or IPad.

Adults, too (LOL)!!

It was with all of these (and myself) that I put together and Hand-Knitted the LAPTOP SLEEVE or CASE pictured above!!

I have made several of them --
-- this one is a "BLUE TWEED"!

The "BLUE TWEED" is created by Knitting with 2 strands of yarn held together - one a Variegated and one a Solid yarn -- Well, you can see the result above in the photo.

I made  one for myself years ago -- it is shown in the pictures in the Artfire listing for this - I'm still using it -- and I love it, so I thought others might.

Did Sell One 2 years ago at this time!!!

Knitted very thick - it is very protective - with your LAPTOP or NOTEBOOK or IPAD in one of these SLEEVES or CASES - however you are carrying it around, it will not get scratched or banged up - in fact, you can also put all kinds of papers, notes, etc. in the bag with it.

Very practical -- kind of fun -- and Decorative!!

I think it is a Really Good Accessory for a Student - so I put it in "The Handmade Place Back To School Handmade Creations" , pictured below (though my LAPTOP SLEEVE was too  far down to get in this Screen Print)!

(By the Way - I have all kinds of Yarn and I can make this another Color Theme for you, if you want it!)

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