Tuesday, May 28, 2013

More of My Favorite Lyrics

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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Life goes on, but each of us have things that are more important to us -- and sometimes, just sometimes, you find a song that says it just right!

First, from GORDON LIGHTFOOT, the song "IF CHILDREN HAD WINGS" from his "ENDLESS WIRE" Album (I have the old LP from way back - copyright 1969 Moose Music)

"There's a love I hold dear
  and it shines through each year
  And it makes things seem different somehow
  It's for better or worse
  It's for people who thirst
  for a love that burns brighter right now

"And it shines on and on 'til all sadness is gone
  and if children had wings I
  would sing them their song
...... "

Second, from DAN FOGELBERG, the song "THE SAND AND THE FOAM" from his "THE INNOCENT AGE" Album copyright 1981 Hickory Grove Music

"Time stills the singing
  A child holds so dear
  And I'm just beginning to hear
  Gone are the pathways
  The child followed home
  Gone, like the sand and the foam
  Gone, like the sand
  Gone, like the sand and the foam"

Third, from PHIL COLLINS, the song "SURVIVORS" from his "BOTH SIDES" Album copyright 1993 Atlantic Recording Corporation

"When all is said and done
  we'll find someday
  we can forget all this
  somehow, some way

"And as long as I'm here
  there'll be no worries any more
  and all these promises I'm making now
  I'll hold each day

"So don't ever, don't ever, don't forget
  that I never, never meant to break your heart
  all I ever wanted was to stand beside you
  survivors in the night

"We are survivors in the night"

Ya' know -- I wonder if we ever know what the singer/songwriter exactly meant in a song (unless they tell you) -- but each listener may have their own interpretation in their very own life!

For me - It is FAMILY .... and FAMILY .... and those really true FRIENDS!

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