Sunday, July 7, 2013

My Hand-Crocheted Orange Pumpkins Featured As A Handmade Great Find

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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Fall Harvest Pumpkin Coaster Set - 5 pieces - Textured Crochet
Pumpkins Coaster Set - Textured Crochet - Nature In Art

I am in a Group of Handmade Artisans -- and the Theme is "Are You ON FIRE FOR HANDMADE?"

Well, to be honest, if you have no interest in Handmade - don't bother to read any further.  HANDMADE is what this is All About!!

I am Big On - and a Supporter - of HANDMADE - for several reasons!!!  

1. I have always enjoyed doing it since I was a little kid, very little really - I wanted to make things!  

2. I think Handmade is good for others to do for quite a few reasons.  

3. I think Handmade is good for the world - it can be done with quite low carbon emissions compared to the mass-made, mass-marketed items you can buy in stores - and, actually, if you are careful, you will get items of much higher quality for the same amount of money (though I do admit, like anything else in the world, you need to be watchful) -- and if you get them Custom Made, you get the Colors, Shapes, Designs, Materials that you want, not just what is available on the store shelf!!!!

So-o-o, I am Happy that this week (July 6th thru July 12th 2013) my Hand-Crocheted Set of 5 Textured Pumpkin Coasters, pictured above, is in the GREAT FINDS run by ON FIRE FOR HANDMADE  -- see the lower right-hand corner of this Screen-Shot Photo:

Outrageous Orange Great Finds by On Fire For Handmade

Outrageous?? Well, Maybe!  They are a somewhat bright Orange!!  I have never forgotten years ago hearing locally that someone who liked to give parties was looking for a set of Crocheted Pumpkins for a Halloween party -- by the time I heard, it was too late for me to do them and make them available for that Holiday.  But, I thought, you never know -- someone may still be looking for some, someday -- and I had this great pattern that I could "adjust" some to make these -- and with the textured stitches, the green stems and the green leaves, they actually look like Pumpkins, LOL!!  

It was also fun making them!!  I like crocheting -- and watching the "images" unfold!!

GREAT FINDS - the Event by ON FIRE FOR HANDMADE - is actually a Voting Event with Winners - and you can Vote for Your Favorite Handmade item in it, but I also think that just being in it is both Fun - and Great, because it shows off some really excellent pieces of Handmade - and I think that is GOOD!!

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