Friday, July 19, 2013

Sharing more about Wildlife - from Pinterest

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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This is Great!!!  But be careful - don't get  between Momma Bear and her cubs!!!  Maybe they would like a bag of peanuts to chomp on!!
Image from Pinterest - Momma Bear with Cubs

I just love Wildlife!!!

I saw this on Pinterest and had to Pin It to my Environmental Interests Board in my Pinterest!  I was re-pinning it from NRDC BIOGEMS.

It has been re-pinned a bunch of times.

I have actually seen Bears in the Wild - including with Bear Cubs!  Just be sure not to get between Momma Bear and her Cubs -- Momma Bears are very protective!!

An additional Note:  Bears need large areas for roaming and getting food -- we need large Wildlife Corridors in areas that are Bear Habitat!  You wonder why you see News Reports about Bears in Communities around California Forests -- those Communities are part of those Bears' Wildlife Corridors!!  It is their home!!

And California has lots of Forests, which are all part of the California Floristic Province, a Globally Significant Biodiversity Hotspot -- and protecting Bear Habitat and Wildlife Corridors is part of Global Biodiversity!!!

Pinterest is great for sharing lots of Images -- but it is also great for Environmental Education, after all, a Picture is worth a 1000 words!!!

Seeing this photograph of a Momma Bear with her Cubs -- did you learn something?????

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