Monday, October 7, 2013

An Artfire Collection in Greens to Blues For The Holidays

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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Artfire Collection:  "Greens To Blues For The Holidays"

Doing the Weekly Blog Hop with Julie Cleveland of Blue Morning Expressions has really turned out to be an experience!!!

This co-ordinated event has resulted in a lot of attention to my RSS Designs In Fiber Artfire Studio!!

I am still adding items to my "2013 Fall and Winter Gift Ideas" Pinterest Board during the third week of it -- but I have been noticing all the COLORS in all of the items!  But then I love COLORS -- and I tend to think in certain "Ranges of Color" - or the Spectrum of Colors or the Color Wheel.

"Greens to Blues" are some of my favorite COLORS -- and I noticed a whole selection of items in those Analogous COLORS!  Analogous COLORS?  Well -- they are COLORS adjacent to each other on the Color Wheel, which are made up of Primary, Secondary and Tertiary COLORS in the same section or quarter of the Color Wheel!

In this case - BLUE is the Primary COLOR, GREEN is the Secondary COLOR -- and all the variations including the "BLUE-GREENS" (Turquoise, Peacock, Teal) are Tertiary COLORS!

So-o-o, I decided to choose some of the items in those colors from my Pinterest Board for the Countdown -- and make the Artfire Collection, which you can see in the Photo above!!!

Click on the Caption to get to the actual Collection and get to each individual item in it!!

Maybe You or People you know might find some Gifts through it!!!

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