Saturday, October 12, 2013

Some Great Handmade Finds in Rich Fall Colors - Including One of Mine!

Ruth Sandra Sperling
RSS Designs In Fiber - My Handmade Designs on ARTFIRE

Fall Orange Flower Meadow Lace Oval by RSS Designs In Fiber

"On Fire For Handmade" is actually 2 things:  1. A phrase stating how some feel about HANDMADE! - and - 2. The name of a website with a participating group that Makes and Sells their HANDMADE - .

Well -- anyone who has read my blog here for any period of time knows how I feel about HANDMADE - and yes I am ON FIRE for it - Passionate may also be the word - for a number of reasons!!!

Anne Hopfer, the creator of, has a number of Events and ongoing promotions - solely of HANDMADE!

Every week she does an Event, "GREAT FINDS" - on a theme - and she presents a number of HANDMADE items with a Vote for Your Favorite.

Personally, I think the Vote is nice -- it gets the people involved and some just think it is fun to express their choices by Voting - but, really now - I think it is great that someone puts out there that these GREAT FINDS in HANDMADE are there - it is one more way to PROMOTE HANDMADE - and what is actually available out there.

This is a photo of this week's OCTOBER GREAT FINDS in some very Rich Fall Colors!

My Fall Orange Flower Meadow Lace Oval is there - 4th down on the right!

I love these Fall Colors -- Do You???!!!
Go take a look - and, if you choose, Vote Your Favorite at the bottom!!!

If you are one of my "Thread Crochet Friends"  - it is nice to see our Specialized Craft represented!!

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