Friday, March 7, 2014

My Shamrocks Nature Crochet Art Doily in Handmade Great Finds

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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Shamrocks 3-Leaf Clovers with Yellow Flowers Nature Art Doily

I designed and crocheted the above Doily - I wanted to do something very specific - to do the popular Shamrock or 3-Leaf Clover Theme, but as they are in Nature.  I had a bunch of "Clover" or Shamrocks in the Garden out front - they had naturally spread and were making great ground cover I thought - especially as usually during the summer months, they had little Yellow Flowers all over them!!!

Most of us think of Shamrocks as 3-Leaf Clovers along with the more rare 4-Leaf Clover.

They are a symbol - mostly Irish and for St. Patrick's Day (I'm not Irish at all - just like some Irish culture).

BUT THEY ARE A REAL PLANT -- and I really like having them in my garden!!  Apparently, there were "... flowered CLOVERED plains ..." mentioned in early Irish literature - and I am not sure if it originally had anything to do with "St. Patrick" or any Saints, but beautiful Irish plains in Nature!!!

So I took crochet patterns for 3-Leaf Clovers and little multi-petal flowers -- and a design for a round crochet mat -- and put together this Crochet Art Doily!!!!

Here are photos of flowering clover from a front-yard garden I had ....

.... and a closeup of the center of my Handmade Thread Crochet 

 And .... On Fire For Handmade decided to include my Shamrock Nature Art Doily in it's "Kiss Me I'm Irish Great Finds" this week!  You can VOTE for it there if you like it!!!

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Cathy Morgan said...

You did a great job on the design of and crochet of that beautiful doily.