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Fond Summer Memories -- "Let It Shine!" - Sharing "Greetings From The West" Dan Fogelberg Live

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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Other than times spent in the Wild or Nature Parks or Under Trees, some of my fondest Summer Memories are of the Music Concerts I went to - and some of my favorites were of Solo Artists I liked, like DAN FOGELBERG.

Why focus on DAN FOGELBERG?  Well, if DAN FOGELBERG's music is the kind you like, then you might think I am somewhat a lucky one.  It was the night before classes started our Freshman year (yes -our - he and I were both Freshman Sept. 1969) at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign that I first heard him sing at the Red Herring Coffee House with a friend of his - it was lots of fun and very funny and I never forgot it for some reason - I guess it was the vocals, his and his friend's voices - and their camaraderie between them and the folks there - little did I know that it was the very start of wonderful times to last until -- well, even now in some ways!

It was a year later - September 1970 - that the Red Herring Coffee House became the "heart" of my social life at the U of I - where I made friendships that have lasted to this day.

Part of those days at the Red Herring was listening to the live music of the variety of musicians who played and sang there - some were songwriters and sang their own songs - some sang various different songs.  I loved it - it was a time of exploration in different way for many of us - and watching some of the musicians write and figure out their songs and music was special.

And one of those musicians starting to write - and sing their own songs - was, yes, DAN FOGELBERG.  (He mentions those days in Interviews - and they are mentioned in his FULL BIOGRAPHY.)

So-o-o, I've been listening to his music since those days when he first started writing - and I have to say - it is his own music and his own singing that I enjoyed - then - and in a number of the Summer Concerts that he did over the years and I went to - and still enjoy now!

One of the Concerts I went to was the Concert that was recorded for his Live DVD, "Greetings From The West" - though I went to the one in Los Angeles, CA (The Greek Theatre - outdoors - and I still remember it!).

Maybe you have some of DAN FOGELBERG's albums?  Or you heard songs of his that you liked on the radio - or somewhere?  But if you want to really hear DAN FOGELBERG - and also hear what he himself has to say about some things in life - and how he felt - watch:


He ends this Concert on the DVD (which he himself was involved in producing) - with his song, "There's A Place In The World For a Gambler" from his second album, "Souvenirs".

Like he sings:

"There's a light in the depths of your darkness 
There's a calm at the eye of every storm 
There's a light in the depths of your darkness 
Let it shine...oh, let it shine 
Let it shine...oh, let it shine 
Let it shine...oh, let it shine 
Let it shine ...."

Quoting DAN FOGELBERG from the DVD Album Cover:
"Every song that I write comes from my own personal experience.  I believe the role of an artist is to interpret reality through a system of beliefs and a long-term seeking of truth, in your own life and in the world at large.  To be entertaining and continue to write good music over a lifetime and sustain an audience that still comes to hear not just the old but the new ... that's what keeps me going."

.... And I, for one, kept listening!!

Well --  Have a great summer!  Find some things to Enjoy .....  Maybe some Music??!!

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