Friday, July 25, 2014

Holiday Red Flower Thread Crochet Centerpiece Completed to 21 Inches!

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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Holiday Red Flower Thread Crochet Centerpiece

Well - it has been a bit of a project for me - I originally blogged about my project to "Make It Bigger" - I took a finely crocheted 12 Inch piece, tripled the number of flowers in it and added more outer rounds - with a finished piece of 21 Inches in diameter!!

Made 100% with lustrous DMC Pearl Cotton Thread - and I used very fine Size 12 Pearl Cotton - with a small steel crochet hook to get a finely detailed, tightly crocheted piece with rounds arranged in contrasting colors, as well as different stitches, to bring out a beautiful design!!

I did complete the ring of 32 flowers on the outer ring (which I had added and figured out) - bringing the total number of flowers in this piece to 48!

With other Handmade projects to do - and I always have more ideas or designs or projects in my head than I have time for it seems - and complete - it has been a bit of a journey to complete this and get it up for all to see!

I love the way the design is with different rounds - or sections of rounds - in the contrasting Red, Green and White!


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