Thursday, March 12, 2015

Crocheted Lace and Crochet Tapestry For Spring

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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A-h-h-h - after whatever weather you had this 2015 Winter - how beautiful and welcome is the Nature on Spring Days!  ~~~~~~ So, when I Crochet or Knit, I'm still choosing themes for the Seasons, and Spring is one of my favorites!  ~~~~~ Here are some of my Artistic Handmade Spring-themed pieces - Flowers, Rabbit, Clover, .......................

Pink Tulip Lace Ring
Thread Crochet Tapestry - Tree and Bird

3-Leaf Clovers with Yellow Flowers Lace Doily

3-Leaf Clovers Crocheted Oval - Bruges Lace

Yellow Flowers In Green Lace with Gold Beads

Cottontail Rabbit Hiding Under A Bush - Handmade in Filet Crochet

California Poppy In The Sky - Crochet Tapestry
Note:  The Poppy is a signature plant of the Antelope Valley of Southern California where I currently live - and is the California State Flower.

Roses and Shamrocks - Cottage Style Irish Crochet Doily

3D Rose with Green Leaves - Crocheted Lace Motif

Lily! - Ornate Vintage Style Design in Filet Crochet

Pansies - A Delicate Fine Thread Crochet Doily

Garden Summer Violas Ring - in Variegated Pansy Flower Colors

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