Thursday, March 12, 2015

Crocheted Lace and Crochet Tapestry For Spring

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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A-h-h-h - after whatever weather you had this 2015 Winter - how beautiful and welcome is the Nature on Spring Days!  ~~~~~~ So, when I Crochet or Knit, I'm still choosing themes for the Seasons, and Spring is one of my favorites!  ~~~~~ Here are some of my Artistic Handmade Spring-themed pieces - Flowers, Rabbit, Clover, .......................

Pink Tulip Lace Ring
Thread Crochet Tapestry - Tree and Bird

3-Leaf Clovers with Yellow Flowers Lace Doily

3-Leaf Clovers Crocheted Oval - Bruges Lace - Handmade By RSS Designs In Fiber - Email to order

Yellow Flowers In Green Lace with Gold Beads

Cottontail Rabbit Hiding Under A Bush - Handmade in Filet Crochet

California Poppy In The Sky - Crochet Tapestry
Note:  The Poppy is a signature plant of the Antelope Valley -  a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this piece will be donated to the Antelope Valley Conservancy, whose stated Mission in the Antelope Valley is "...the acquisition and stewardship of native habitats and watershed resources."

Roses and Shamrocks - Cottage Style Irish Crochet Doily -- Sold on Etsy

3D Rose with Green Leaves - Crocheted Lace Motif

Lily! - Ornate Vintage Style Design in Filet Crochet

Pansies - A Delicate Fine Thread Crochet Doily

Matching Viola Flower Doily and Coaster Set
Viola Bouquet Doily (top) - Handmade By RSS Designs In Fiber - Email to order
Viola Flower Oval Trinket Doilies - Set of 4 - Handmade By RSS Designs In Fiber (bottom)

 Please Note:  If you prefer making Private Arrangements to purchase any of my Handmade or Request a Custom Order - Contact RSS Designs In Fiber through the Email Address HERE.

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