Tuesday, April 21, 2015

My Purple and Black Beaded Crocheted Flower in "Passionate For Purple" by On Fire For Handmade

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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Purple Threads - with Black - and Purple Seed Beads - make this Handmade Multi-Layer Crocheted "Rose" or "Flower"!

On Fire For Handmade decided to do a "Passionate For Purple" Great Finds!!

Well, that is why I crocheted this Purple and Black "Flower" in the photo above - because someone passionate for Purple wanted to see one of these crocheted Flowers in Purple and Black!!

And I guess because of it's "Purple-ness" is why it got put in that Great Finds by On Fire For Handmade!

This Great Finds is running through Sunday night, April 26th - you can VOTE EACH DAY for a favorite.

Are you "Passionate For Purple" - in Decor? - in Jewelry? - in Clothing? - in Accessories?

Then Have a look at the HANDMADE Goodies in this Great Finds !

And if you like my Purple (and Black) Crocheted Flower with Beads - well,  VOTE for it!!  (You can Vote each day!)

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