Sunday, April 19, 2015

Showing Feelings For Mother - Mother's Day - We All Have Different Ways

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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 I believe that all of us have different ways of showing our feelings - positive or negative - even though life has its rocky periods, I was fortunate in my life in having wonderful experiences and times with the Mothers in my life.   This is a studio photograph taken when I was 18 months old with my Mother Judy who I have dear, dear memories of - and who I have mentioned periodically, because in my early years, she had quite an effect on me - she was an Artist who studied Fine Art (I have her books and notes she left from her studies) - and I use to like to draw and she helped me at home with my drawing as a little girl - and Colors, as I loved even then working with Colors!!

Here is a Photo (on the right) taken by my Father with Me, My Second Mother, Margret - and Her Mother, Bertha - when we were out driving somewhere (before my 2 brothers were born).

When we celebrated Mother's Day - I, who loved doing Handmade - either made Gifts and Cards (my family saved them LOL) - or found Gifts personally chosen for them and also either made a Card - or, my gosh - especially after I was working, bought one.

But each Mother's Day - thought and care went into whatever we did - and the gifts and cards - for each individual person.

So-o-o, of course, I imagine that everyone else puts thought and care into whatever they do - or buy - for Mother's Day.  For most people, Mothers are special in our imperfect world - at least I hope so!

I have joined up with a group of "Indie Sellers" for this Blog Hop - Gifts For Mothers 2015 - most of who make the items they sell themselves (Handmade) - or have found some special Vintage or Antique items to sell.  What we do is Cross Promote - in other words, we all promote each other - and I feel fortunate that these are Sellers I can trust for quality - and some rather distinctive items!!  Just ideas - but maybe someone in some Mothers' lives will find something especially right for one of the Mothers in their life!

-- Or maybe they will inspire someone to make something themself??????

I'm doing a Pinterest Board to show them off, as well as having it currently on my blog - and here is a taste of what is in this Pinterest Board:

Follow Ruth Sandra Sperling's board For Mothers!! - 2015 on Pinterest.

I hope you all find wonderful ways to share with the Mothers in your life!!

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Kr. Eliane said...

how beautiful the story of your mother in your life !!!
mothers leave us so good feelings in our souls, that when they're gone will always miss that piece in our hearts !!!!
wonderful photo !!
: 0))