Sunday, June 12, 2016

White June Roses and Pearls Doily - Romantic Style Irish Crochet Lace Decor by RSS Designs In Fiber

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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This Handmade Crocheted Lace Doily has White Crocheted Multi-layer Roses with 4 Glass White  Pearls crocheted in the middle of each.

Roses are the June Flower - Pearls are a June Birthstone!

Both White Roses and White Pearls are supposed to mean Innocence, Purity, New Beginnings!

So - I thought a Doily such as this with both White Roses and White Pearls would be nice for June - and possibly Decor for June Weddings and/or Brides!

It is 11 Inches in Diameter - with 6 Crocheted Roses around the edge of a Graphic Round Center, which is 6 Inches in Diameter.


Jewelry by Sharon Troncalli said...

Beautiful rose and pearl doily Ruth!

PrettyGonzo said...

Lovely romantic style Irish crochet doiley, Ruth!

Nancy Tonelli said...


Julie L. Cleveland said...

Just beautiful, Ruth - this would make a lovely bridal gift

ShadowDogDesigns said...

Beautiful doily, Ruth!

Umeboshi said...

This would be beautiful at a wedding! Nice work!