Wednesday, July 20, 2016

RSS Designs In Fiber Thread Crochet in Handmade Great Finds This Week

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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Aqua and Navy Blue Thread Crochet Coaster-Size Doily

On Fire For Handmade - a site that showcases and promotes genuine Handmade - has a Weekly Event for Handmade Great Finds - Each Week is a Theme - either a Color Theme or Seasonal Theme.

This Week the Handmade Great Finds is a "Limpet Shell" Color Theme -- Limpet Shell is a Shade of Aqua chosen by Pantone for this 2016 Season, as shown in the On Fire For Handmade photo here:

The Aqua in the Thread Crochet piece of mine in the photo above is that Shade of Aqua.  I crocheted it with rounds of different colors in the design - the darker contrasting Navy Blue helps to bring out the design.

It is really all about Handmade - and how people get creative making things!!

Take a look at this Week's On Fire For Handmade Great Finds!  There is a poll at the bottom for voting for a Favorite - including my Thread Crochet piece - if you like it, Vote for RSS Designs In Fiber!!

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