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Handmade For Back To School

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Have You Thought About Getting Handmade Items For Going Back To School??

Hand-Crocheted Laptop Sleeve by RSS Designs In Fiber

If my Parents were around to see this, they might laugh - you see - when I went to College at the University of Illinois, I had with me a number of outfits that I had sewn myself on my own Pfaff Sewing Machine, which they had bought me when I was in High School (I still have it, LOL - and the 90% metal machine still runs when properly oiled)!!

So, when I mention "Handmade For Back To School", I speak from the Heart - and from my own life!

I not only had clothes I had sewn for myself - I also Crocheted Hats and Scarves - got into Beading on a Loom for a while ..... yes - I did Handmade all through College for myself and some others.

But not all people Sew or Crochet or Knit or do Woodworking or Make Jewelry or create things in Polymer Clay etc. etc. -- and that is what all these Handmade Sellers online - on various sites - have to offer you - Genuine Quality Handmade for the students in your life to have when they go Back To School.

So, I thought I would share some of my own Handmade which I think would be useful for students  going to School - all ages.  ~~~ Then I will share a few items from a few of my friends, who I know do Quality Handmade, that I also think might be useful for students.

Here - Some Items I Have Made Appropriate For "Back To School"

Woven Crochet Multi-Color Handmade Basket by RSS Designs In Fiber

Green and Ivory Hand-Crocheted Cloth by RSS Designs In Fiber

Hand-Crocheted Red and White Shoulder Bag or Tote by RSS Designs In Fiber

Key Chain Hand-Crocheted with Red Roses and Green Leaves
Irish Crochet by RSS Designs In Fiber

Hat, Scarf  Neckwarmer, and Headband Set in "Black Licorice" Boucle Yarn
By RSS Designs In Fiber


Now - A Few Handmade Items By Friends ......

PushPins with Decorative Polymer Clay Daisies Made by Julie Cleveland of Blu Morning Expressions

Westies in Sweaters Quilted Sunglass Case or Cell Phone Pocket
Westies Glass Case or Cell Phone Packet Handmade by Donna of SewAmazin

Unique Peace Sign Earrings Dark Gray Nearly Black Gunmetal Wirewrapped
Peace Sign Earrings Made by Connie of The Singing Beader

Peek-A-Boo Cat Coasters, Cat Butt Mug Rugs, Peeking Cat Butt Coasters, Handmade Coasters, Crochet Cat Coasters, Set of 4 Cat Butt Coasters
Cat Coasters for the Cat Lover - Handmade By Nancy of Wyvern Designs

One of a kind copper dog rescue handmade earrings.
Dog Rescue "Dog Paw in Heart" Copper Earrings for Dog Lovers
By Catherine of Shadow Dog Designs Jewelry

Pink Baby Receiving Blanket Soft Pink Lace New Baby Girl HandKnit Caron Simply Soft Yarn
Made-To-Order Small Pink Hand-Knitted Blanket by Nancy of  Nancys Knots and Lace
(I thought a Baby-Size Blanket would be a nice throw for a Girl going away to school)

Well - these are just a few ideas I came up with for "Handmade For Back To School" - you can find more items in each Shop these items are in - and all over the Venues these items are in!

Add Something Special - And Maybe on the Unique Side - To Going Back To School!!

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ShadowDogDesigns said...

What a wonderful surprise, Ruth! Something for anyone going back to school. hanks you for including my new dog rescue earrings. Will be sharing far and wide.