Sunday, May 21, 2017

A One-Man Acoutsic Guitar Act at the 2017 "Malibu Guitar Festival" - Tommy Emmanuel

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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Well, I have a huge appreciation for One-Man Acoustic Guitar Acts -- and when I saw a Poster from the 2017 "Malibu Guitar Festival" and saw Tommy Emmanuel's name on the list of Guitarists playing, I thought, "Hm-m-m - maybe this is real music!"

Who is Tommy Emmanuel and why did his name on the list of Guitarists draw my attention?

I first heard of Tommy Emmanuel from an old friend from my University of Illinois College Coffee House Days, Musician and Producer Pete Berkow, who I did a blog feature on - and Pete gave me a video of Tommy Emmanuel that he had produced some time back.  Well, Pete knows that I appreciate Acoustic Guitar playing from our College Days -- and I am glad to see that others do, too!

I immediately enjoyed Tommy Emmanuel's playing!!!

Tommy Emmanuel was one of the Musicians included the the Music Gone Public PBS series that Pete Berkow Produced with Michael Hoopingarner - and here is the video of Tommy Emmanuel from his Music Gone Public Episode:

Tommy Emmanuel is really a One-Man Act - and he can really, really play that Guitar!!!

I love it!

I also found this TEDx Talks Video of  Tommy Emmanuel -- "My Life As A One-Man Band" --

I think the Music speaks for itself!

(Yes - I go out to Malibu once in a while from the Antelope Valley -- out by Pacific Coast Highway and Trancas Canyon and Zuma Beach - love the Ocean Air all year long in all weathers, LOL!!!  --  But not usually for Music Festivals, LOL!)

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