Wednesday, May 28, 2008


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When I joined the Eco Etsy Street Team on, I found some like-minded sellers of handmade items -- we do it in an ecologically conscious way. We do handmade and we do what we can to help our planet stay healthy.

One of the eco-minded sellers is Jesse Wright who has 2 shops on etsy. com:

Glitter Star is about "Recycled Art, Jewelry and Other Fun Stuff"!! Take a look and see some of her recycled goodies - I really get a kick out of the bracelets made from recycled grocery ads!

Jesse Wright also has a blog: - and every so often Jesse has a Featured Artist.

And today, I am the lucky one to be featured:!!

I say lucky because those of us who want to do business in an ecologically conscious manner need to stick together -- maybe if more of it is available in the world, more of it will sell.

If more of us do "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" - maybe more will catch on.

I also believe in consumer-driven conservation -- and selling and buying products that reduce waste in some way by either recycling or re-using - or are reusable and replacing the disposable items in our society -- is all part of that.

I think it is great that 2 of the other Festured Artists on Glitter Star Designs Blog - are also 2 other ecoetsians that I have mentioned and who I think have great products -- Debby Arem Designs and Penguin Love.

I like the blog, Glitter Star Designs -- maybe you will too!! If you are into funky eco things, you also might find something you just can't resist at Glitter Star on!!


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