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Most of the time when I discuss my crocheting here, I have been discussing fine thread crochet with the thinner cotton crochet threads.

But that is not all I do.

You know, when I first taught myself how to crochet as a teenager, I started out with yarn. I did make one doily as a teenager I vaguely remember, but I mostly made rather simple things like hats and scarves for me and my friends and family.

As the years went on I made more things, but always in yarn - more hats, scarves, a poncho, a sweater, a bag - later an afghan, a sweater, baby clothes, pillows, slippers - even toys -- but all in yarn.

It was in 2003 that I discovered the joys of crocheting with crochet thread and the designs that you can make. I will always love it - I love the way the designs unfold as you crochet - and I will continue doing more with it!

But, what also happened, actually back in 2002, was that I discovered Peaches and Creme worsted cotton yarn made by Elmore-Pisgah. There were cones and balls of it in the craft department of this store in all these neat colors. It was so soft and strong - I found it great to make things with. So - I got into making all kinds of different things with it - potholders, bags of different sizes, cloths, placemats - then a cotton top and matching hat, etc., etc.

Actually, I just love it - so here are a couple of matching items that I made in Peaches and Creme worsted cotton yarn and have in my shop -

First is this sunhat made with a strand of their color Peppermint (red and white variegated) and a strand of White held together - which gives a tweed-type effect to the hat. The multi-layer 3-dimensional flower on the hat is made just with the Peppermint.

Then I decided to make a matching bag!!

It is basically just a rectangular bag with handles long enough that you can put it on your shoulder. But I made it very solid - with a stitch that makes a solid, flat, squared-off bottom - and with the joining seams crocheted together and finished with a crab stitch ( a reverse single crochet). There are 2 handles each about 28 inches long.

I made it that way so you can put heavier things in it - such as when you go shopping or to the beach.

It is great for Precycling - use it when you go to the store instead of whatever disposable bags they provide!!

It, too, is made with Peaches and Creme worsted cotton yarn in the colors Peppermint and White.

It matches the sunhat exactly as it is made with the same yarn!!

Here it is:

I have a slightly different one in greens that I made for myself and have used for years to go to the Post Office and the local market. I love it. So, I thought someone else might just love having one of these bags made in Peaches and Creme!!

Actually, I have made a few Baby Hats in it also and the White ones sold!!

I love working with it -- so people should expect to see more items made with it in my Internet shop!!

If you want to see all the colors Peaches and Creme is made in, check out their website:

I take custom orders in the color of the customer's choice -- or maybe you want to make something with it yourself!!


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