Thursday, May 8, 2008


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Part of my joy in doing crochet is doing new things - and doing things in multiple colors.

It was a few years ago that I bought a book that I am totally glad that I bought. It is "How To Crochet" by Pauline Turner.

When I bought it, I was already quite an advanced crocheter. I have been crocheting since my teens, and since 2002, I have been doing a lot of it and experimenting around with different patterns. It was one of those things - I knew I was going to be glad I bought it when I bought it. And am I!!

The book's chapters are actually workshops in different crochet skills - and just about each chapter has a Stitch Library. These Stitch Libraries are what I love - and what I am using to create/design some things of my own.

And some of these stitches are in multiple colors!!

I take patterns all in one color and make them multiple colors all the time.

But here are actually stitch patterns in multiple colors - and you can do some really neat thigns with them!! I love it and am excited to experiment around with it.

Here is a picture of a little swatch I made in a stitch that is new for me - it is called the "Spike Stitch" - and I did this little rectangular swatch in crochet thread in burgundy red and white - then I put a multicolor border around it - and then I have a little coaster/doily!! I'll just use it around the house.

Actually, the picture below is how the stitch is actually made - with the spikes going down, but I prefer them going up, so in the picture above, I have the little coaster with the spikes going up.

Below I am showing this closeup of the above picture, so you can see how it is actually done. You change colors of thread every certain number of rows (even number for it to work out right) - and the first row after the color change is groups of 4 "long single crochets" - with each of the 4 stitches being 1 row longer than the preceeding one.

If you want to see the actual instructions (written and diagrammed) on the stitch, you will have to get the book - it is copyrighted and I respect that.

Just a fun crochet thing I wanted to share!!

There are a lot of good books out there on crochet - I have a numeber of them and I have some specialty books by such crocheters and designers like Elizabeth Hiddleson and Patricia Kristoffersen (I like to do complicated doilies) - but this book by Pauline Turner has actual workshops and stitch libraries in it and I think it is really great for someone who really wants to learn to do crochet -- and not only how to follow patterns, but how to learn techniques and stitches so that you can create your own designs.

If you want to do it - go to it!!


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