Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Ruth Sandra Sperling
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I live in a high desert in southern California - the Antelope Valley. In Spring, Summer and Fall, the temperatures can get quite high - I believe that this year we already had some days in the 100's - it has gotten up into the 90's this week.

So with the heat -- and it being dry as deserts usually are -- your summer drinks are important.

Some recommend filtered waters -- which are a good idea, but I prefer drinks that have some kinds of supplements in them - like teas and juices.

But I have found that the greatest summer drink is green veggie juice -- the best is freshly juiced by yourself in your own juicer. Yes - I said green veggie!!

I particularly stress the green veggies, because they really are refreshing and they have minerals, phytochemicals and chlorophyll in them -- which really help out on those hot days.

I have a juicer - an Omega, which I have had and kept in good condition for a number of years.

So, I can make a fresh batch whenever I feel like it -- and include whichever fresh veggies I have on hand.

For instance, I made some yesterday and included the following veggies:

green bell pepper
red bell pepper
broccoli stalks (as in not the florets - the stalk part)

Oh, a couple of the veggies are red (radishes and red bell pepper), but they are in the same "family" -- and I have read up about the different veggies and they are good for vegetable juices.

I really like the "bite" that radishes and jalapenos give the juice!!

I still have some in the fridge -- I have been drinking it on and off ever since I made it yesterday afternoon.

I really recommend trying some on a hot day -- you might find it really refreshing. It is a bit bitter, but I like it!!

If you don't have your own juicer -- or you are running around in the heat -- try one of the juicing places and ask for green juice or celery juice or wheat grass juice (Jamba Juice has some).

Or if you have a Trader Joe's in your neighborhood -- or wherever you are -- look in their produce section for their "Essential Greens Veggie Cold Pressed 100% Juice Blend". I have grabbed one when I was shopping there - it s great!!

It is also a good way to drink your salad -- and get the vitamins, minerals, etc. -- for whatever reason you'd rather drink your salad than eat one.

I eat salads, too, as I love them especially with fresh herbs from my container garden -- my green veggie juice is in addition to salads for me!! Had one for lunch today - with fresh tomatoes-on-the-vine, fresh garlic, various fresh greens including parsley -- and fresh rosemary, fresh thyme and fresh basil from my container garden -- with just a little bit of salt and pepper -- and the green veggie juice for my drink - YUM!!!


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