Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Ruth Sandra Sperling
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My garden is quite small, but a couple of years back I found that the best way to get tasty fresh tomatoes was to grow your own!!

I don't eat too many of them -- only in salads some -- because of my diet and how I combine foods.

So, I decided to get some cherry tomato plants - and have my own fresh cherry tomatoes that I can just pick off the plant as they ripen!!

Bo-o-oy, do they taste good that way!!!

I have six cherry tomato plants in containers (yes - you can grow them in containers!) on the east side of my unit, so they get the full morning sun. My plants have blooms and little green tomatoes on them already - so I am just waiting for them to ripen.

If I take good care of them (which I plan to with watering every day), I figure that I should have fresh cherry tomatoes into the early fall before it gets cold. Our warm weather lasts well into September and sometimes into early October, so that will be quite a while!!

And I had some tomato seeds that sprouted -- now I have to see how they develop into adult plants. I am curious -- this is the first time I have ever tried tomato plants from seeds and I will see how they turn out!!

And getting my tomatoes from my own plants is great for doing a Low Carbon Diet!! No packaging, no transportation - all organic (the soil I use is organic!!) -- and on top of all that, they taste much better than anything from any grocery store -- at least they did in previous years!!

My spring-summer-fall container garden is developing and I just love it!!

I'll have some pictures later!!


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