Saturday, January 3, 2009


Ruth Sandra Sperling
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As one of the several hundred members of Design Style Guide - a Team on ETSY, I periodically am looking at Treasuries and seeing work of the members, they become part of my Favorites on ETSY.

I like to share a few of them with readers, so here are a few who make some really artistic home decor.

1. Fabric Wall Art - painting and stitching on fabric then quilted - closeup of a Tulip by lizplummer --

2. A pillow with Blue Florals by FloraDoraInc --

3. A stained glass star "Rainforest" by Pamela Angus --

4. Hand-blown glass vase -- "All of the colors and decorations are encased within the gathers of crystal clear glass." by Art Glass Sinks --

5. A wooden display bowl showing the wood grain by Aussie Woodcraft --

Enjoy looking at some of the artistic decor you can find on ETSY!!


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