Monday, January 19, 2009

A new creation in Thread

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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I actually get a lot of pleasure out of creating the designs I do in crochet thread.

My latest completed work is from a pattern by the prolific crochet designer, Elizabeth Hiddleson, though I took some liberties with the pattern and did it a little bit differently and added some 3-dimensional roses.

You can find it here on ETSY:

But I will share a couple of photos with you. This first one is of the whole doily:

This second one is a closeup of the top half of the doily, so you can see the detail of the hearts, roses and border more clearly.

The pattern is from a book copyrighted 1960, which makes it and the patterns in it Vintage (over 20 years old and this is over 40 years old), so it definitely has a Vintage feel to it, but those of us who just like the detailed lace designs, it is beautiful!!


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