Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Little DESIGNS IN FIBER - Crochet and Knitting

Ruth Sandra Sperling
RSS Designs In Fiber - Internet Shop of Handmade Items In Fibers

In the years that I have been crocheting and knitting, I have found that there are some people who love crocheted or knitted table decor, but really only like the little ones or small ones -- I usually call them "Trinket" Doilies or Coasters.

So, I try to have my Designs In Fiber in a variety of sizes - and a bunch of smaller ones -- some in sets and some individually.

Some match larger items -- some are just on their own -- and some are in sets.

Everything is in cotton -- here are photos of various of "My Little DESIGNS IN FIBER". Some of them link to where they are being sold in my Etsy shop (they can be in different sections of my shop). Others have been sold or given away - those are towards the end of this post and don't link to anywhere.

These pictures are of a few items that have sold over time - but in most cases, I could re-make them in the same or similar colors -- and in the same or various sizes!

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BarbaraCrochetStudio said...


I love the little ones; and yours are so precious!
I'd like to specialize in small doilies (3" - 10") in the future.

You're doing an outstanding job as the Thread Artists Team moderator!
Congrats and Thank you!