Tuesday, August 18, 2009

For August - SUMMER HATS - Handmade and Cotton

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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Hot, Sunny Days of Summer - AUGUST!

In these hot, sunny days, especially where I live in the High Desert of Southern California, I would never go out without something on my head to protect it from the hot sun and shade my face.

As I have made hats since my teens (oh, about 40 years ago!) and I get a little ticked off at the sunhats sold in the stores, I make my own for myself -- and then some to sell to others.

Made with the Peaches and Creme 100% worsted cotton, they are sturdy, lightweight, comfortable and "crushable", all strong points with me personally.

I am not sure how others feel -- or exactly what they are looking for.

Here are some examples of Summer Hats in 100% cotton -- all of them easily fold up to go in a bag or suitcase and they never get wrinkled!

First, here are 2 from my Etsy shop:

This is a Red and White Sunhat with a 3-dimensional multi-layered flower on the side -- click on the picture to see my Etsy shop listing with several views of it.

This is a Slouchy Beret or Tam with a netted top and a solid band cuff that stretches. In a variegated yarn with yellow, pink and turquoise with white, it is cheerful and bright! The solid band can cover those ears in a cooler breeze. Click on the picture to see the Etsy listing.

Last, here is one that I made as a custom order for someone local where I live. It is in Navy Blue, but I also made her one exactly like it in Black.

I DO CUSTOM ORDERS FOR HATS AND ALL KINDS OF THINGS - Please note that the Peaches and Creme cotton yarn I use comes in many different colors including quite a variety of variegated yarns, which I can get from the manufacturer's online store!


gwengoods said...

cute hats!

missknits said...

cute cute hats! i've been getting into designing more hats lately too. they are fun to make.