Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Designs from Etsy for Decorating

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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One of the things I love about Etsy is the creativity in the Handmade items all over the shops.

There are various ways you can show this -- you can do what they call "Etsy Minis" of items from your own shop - or your favorites - and, I believe, of some Gift Guides. Then you can put the "Etsy Minis" wherever will take the code (then it links to the items on Etsy) - or you can make an image of the Etsy Mini to put in things.

But the Etsy Teams I belong to have come up with all kinds of additional ways to show our creative items on the Internet - various Blog postings and websites.

As I have talked about before, I am in 3 Etsy Teams:

This time I am showcasing something on the website for Design Style Guide: . On this website, members of the Design Style Guide Etsy Team can pay for having listings on the website, which is advertised to Interior Decorators and people in Home Decorating. One of the features on this website is that members can create "Treasuries" of 12 listings (curated galleries) on .

Well, I have 2 listings on and I just updated one -- and I decided to make a Treasury on the theme of the Late Summer to Early Fall Harvest Summer: Grapes, Vines and Leaves.

These Treasuries on are really beautiful galleries of items members of Design Style Guide have crafted themselves. Take a look! They change every few days!!

Find uniquely hand-crafted aesthetic items for your home or office or any room or building with Design Style Guide and Etsy!!

If you like to decorate with hand-crafted finely detailed crocheted items in thread - check out Etsy Thread Artists!

If you are eco-minded and are looking to shop from like-minded people who run their businesses "eco" or "green" - check out Eco Etsy!

Etsy Sellers can be in multiple Teams, so you may find some in multiple Teams - just like me!

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