Monday, October 12, 2009

Harvest Season - My Last Trip to Pick My Own Fruit

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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Mid-October now -- Harvest Season for sure -- but for the fruit trees, it is the end of the season of blooming and new fruit.

The local orchard where I have gone to pick fruit has closed its gates for this year.

Last Wednesday I went -- and even though I meant to be frugal and only pick half a bucket -- well, I couldn't help myself and I picked most of a bucket --

-- still some late peaches on the trees - just lucious -- have cut up at least half of them and put them in the freezer - a few fresh ones still in the fridge. I will at least have some frozen slices of peaches to thaw or put in smoothies for some weeks to come!

-- lots of late pears on the trees and I picked a bunch -- still hard and firm -- the people at the orchards say that is the best way to pick them -- maybe they will last! When I have bought them in the grocery stores they soften and turn dark almost right away. Just checked this morning - still firm in the fridge!!

-- Ah-h-h! The apples!! Just love the fresh apples picked off the tree -- again infintely better than the grocery store ones -- they said I picked some Fujis and Granny Smiths -- just love those tart Granny Smiths, but also love the slightly sweeter Fujis and Galas!!

I have been told that the Granny Smiths will last for 3 months or so in the fridge, so I'll be eating the Fujis first -- and I can always make some lucious apple sauce in my crock pot -- did that last January!!

Picking my fruit -- no matter if it is a little difficult physically for me to be walking around with a bucket of almost 20 pounds of fruit (LOL) -- is so much fun -- and I will miss it until next summer!!

Hope some of you others found some freshly-picked local fruit -- or got to pick some yourself!!

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BarbaraCrochetStudio said...

Hi Ruth,
I went with my husband to our local farm last Sunday.
It was a weekend when most of the people here (Long Island) pick their pumpkins for Halloween and Thanksgiving decoration.
We got last tomatoes and cucumbers, also potatoes, cauliflowers, corn, onion, apples and plums. Nothing tastes better then freshly picked local fruits and veggies!
The weather was wonderful! I took some photos of beautifully looking pumpkin field in the autumn sun. I'm waiting now for the leaves to turn color (they are still green), take some pictures and put them on my blog.