Sunday, September 12, 2010

Moving into FALL or AUTUMN Designs for 2010

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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I'm doing something a little new this year in Fall or Autumn or Harvest designs.

I've been reading about Color Trends for 2010 (both in Fashion and Home Decorating), because I like to work in Color!!

Now you have your Classic ones - mostly from Nature - Copper Reds, Oranges, Goldish Yellows, Browns and Beiges -- just think of the trees turning in the Fall and that is what you would most likely think of these Classic Fall or Autumn coloring!!

I have been doing my Fall Designs In Fiber in these colors for years now - and some have been rather popular -- one year I had a rather large Custom Order for a bunch of my Maple Leaves in different colors!!

See this blog article from last year in the Fall, with a video!!

But I have decided to step out a bit from the classic - this year, Turquoise is supposed to be "The Color of the Year"!! So colors in that family are showing up in different season's palettes.

See this article from "Handmade Spark" with the Fall 2010 Colors per pantone - the color "Lagoon" is the color in the Turquoise family in this palette.

And in this article from Design Style Guide, "Turquoise Inspiration 2", different shades of Turquoise is shown in Home Decor.

So, I am working on some new items with shades of Turquoise in it -- my newest has Yellows in a design with Turquoise, including some textured Irish Crochet Leaves in a Sunset Ombre thread - got the Fall Leaves in there.

Another with an Aquamarine, Gray-Beige and Beige Rose (almost like the 'Living Coral' shown in the Handmade Spark article)!

Another in Blue/Green/Beige -- and maybe some Reddish Coppery Maple Leaves!!

-- And like in my earlier post -- more Classic in Sunset Ombre and Fudge Brown!!

Fall /Autumn / Harvest Season is one of my favorites for Color!!

So, keep an eye out for what shows up here!!