Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Ruth Sandra Sperling
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Another piece in one of my favorite crochet techniques - CELTIC WOVEN CROCHET!

This one was a lot of fun to put together. I enjoy doing Celtic or Irish Crochet anyway. I used a Medium Emerald Green for the "Stems" around the "Flowers". I used a Medium Violet Purple and a Light Violet for the "Flowers".

Here is a closeup showing the detail of one of the four motifs in this whole piece:

Four of these motifs with a small Fill-In Motif sit in White Lace "netting" with a twisted edging in the Emerald Green and White!!

I just really like it - the way the final finished piece comes out when you do it using Celtic Woven Crochet. It is a little different -- and I think, so beautiful!!

In addition, the Purple and Green threads used are the beautiful, lustrous DMC Pearl Cotton -- one of the really beautiful threads available in many colors!!

(This item is made by Ruth Sandra Sperling -- and the photos above are All Rights Reserved and they link to the online listing.)

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