Monday, May 2, 2011

Preview of New Flower Design In Fiber -- OOAK Work-In-Progress

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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I've been working on it for days and days, it seems - on and off!

I decided to do a Design of a White Vase with Garnet and Rose-Colored 3D Roses -- as I thought it would be a nice piece of Fiber Art Decor for either Mother's Day or a Spring or Summer Wedding! 

It could even be used as Applique for a Pillow or used as some kind of Wall Art!!

I got the idea for the pattern from one of my Elizabeth Hiddleson books (one from 1979), though of course I made a few "adjustments"!

The 3D Hand-Crocheted Roses shown in the photo above are a variety of ones I "just made" -- I've been making Multi-layer 3D Roses for years and years now -- and I can just "wing it" to create new ones!

I have been seeing all kinds of blooming Rose bushes where I live this Spring - and I am going to make this design with a variety of sizes & shapes of 3D Roses this time!!

Watch for the completed project to show up in my Etsy Shop - hopefully within a few days!!

June 10, 2011:  Finished Project is in my Etsy Shop:  "Vase of Red Roses" !!

Vase of Red Roses - Fiber Art 3D Roses in Garnet Reds and Mauve Pinks, Thread Crochet


julie cavender said...

Your work is always amazing! I can't imagine how hard that must be.

Ruth Sandra said...

Thank You, Julie! Hard - I am not sure - detailed, yes and sometimes a lot of work, but I enjoy doing it -- I "fell in love" with detailed thread crochet because I loved the way the designs unfolded as you crochet.

-- Now, your pottery at Willow Tree -- to me that looks hard, but I love your originality and the different designs of different things you do!!