Tuesday, September 16, 2008


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In an earlier post, I mentioned "Biodiversity Offsets".

Well, there are also "Carbon Offsets" --this is where to offset something you do in your life that puts a lot of carbon in the atmosphere (like take a long airline flight which puts a lot of carbon in the atmosphere and adds to greenhouse gases), you make a donation to something to offset that that is supposed to remove the carbon from the atmosphere.

The question is -- is this working and how can you make sure your carbon offset donation will actually do that - offset the carbon?

Well, The Nature Conservancy has some help on this!!

An article on their website answers some key questions on this issue and gives some good advice on how to make sure you are donating to something that will really be a carbon offset.

They have a huge website, so here is the direct link to the article:


Good reading - I was glad I found it!! Bill Stanley has some very useful information!

I think carbon offsets are really good things and can be really important.

Speaking of which -- Plant A Billion Trees in the Atlantic Forest of Brazil could use some more donations. Once those trees are planted and as long as they take hold -- I believe they are there to stay!!

Here's to the trees!!


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