Sunday, September 21, 2008


Ruth Sandra Sperling
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All of us are concerned about drinking water that is healthy for us.

Drinking water that has toxins and/or chemicals or parasites in it can cause us health problems.

For years, many have thought that the answer was bottled water -- either mountain spring water or distilled water, but this involves the manufacturing and shipment of millions or billions of plastic bottles. This manufacturing and shipping of these bottles, even if they are recycled repeatedly many times, results in carbon emitting activities,which is not good for our environment or us - AND THERE ARE ALTERNATIVES!!

A much better solution, which I find very workable, is to have a water filter on my kitchen sink faucet which filters out much more I believe that the bottled waters have filtered out -- and use a reusable water bottle whenever you go out.

My current reusable water bottle is a metal one with a screw-on top, which I have found works much better than any plastic bottle I have ever had, even the reusable plastic bottles. In the summer, when I had it in my rolling backpack, it kept quite cool and it holds enough of the filtered water so that I always had some when I was thirsty -- and with the screw-on top, it doesn't leak!!!!

And knowing what my own water filter at home filters out, I have the peace of mind knowing that it is quite healthy water.

You see, I have seen the charts published about the bottled waters and I am doubtful that some of them are even healthy -- and may be less healthy than some tap waters, so I always worry about what is really in that bottle of water on the store shelf.

Also, you can find bottles with filters built on them. There is a variety of them on the Internet if you search.

So, I have made the pledge to Break the Bottled Water Habit.

See the badge here on my blog.

Through the website,, you can get a lot of information about reusable water bottles, even some with their own filters -- and they have links to information about water filters for your home.

I would say that drinking healthy water is very important -- don't assume that bottled water is healthy -- get a water filter that you know filters out chemicals and toxins and use your own reusable water bottle -- for your own peace of mind!!!!


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