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Ruth Sandra Sperling
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There are quite a variety of styles or methods of crochet.
A few years ago, I found out about a method of crochet that actually combines crocheting with weaving.
It is called CELTIC WOVEN CROCHET (as I have seen anyway).
Here is an example of a simple one motif piece in cotton yarn that is big enough to be a small hotpad, trivet or big coaster.
With Celtic Woven Crochet, you crochet two or even three pieces, then you layer them in a certain order and crochet the pieces together with a border.
In this piece, there are two pieces crocheted together with quite an elaborate border.
Here is the front, with has a center with 6 petals in ecru yarn:
Of course, to get the right effect, you must use different, contrasting colors of yarn.
The contrasting border which is crocheting the 2 pieces together is a twisted yarn made up of 3 strands of cotton crochet thread - one strand green, one strand yellow and one strand orange - with inverted loops.
I like this pattern - it is using just the basic crochet stitches to make something a bit different!!
Then I crocheted an edging in ecru yarn.
As the center is actually 2 pieces crocheted together, the back looks different:
The "back" looks like a 6-pointed ecru star with a smaller star in the green-yellow-orange yarn in the middle. This looks nice, too, but I prefer the "front".
You can do a number of motifs and crochet them together to make any number of things:
a placemat
a tablecloth
an afghan
a sweater.
I have even done these patterns in finer crochet thread making little coasters and then crocheting several motifs together to make a doily.
One time I did a motif in 3 colors and crocheted it inside a hoop to make a wall-hanging!!
These last things were either sold or given away years ago.
If you like graphic designs with contrasting colors, Celtic Woven Crochet is a fun way way to make some beautiful designs!!

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