Monday, August 9, 2010


Ruth Sandra Sperling
RSS Designs In Fiber - Internet Shop of Handmade Items In Fibers

I do "HANDMADE" - for a variety of reasons!!

-- I like making the things I make - right now Crocheted and Knitted - all kind sof things!!

Most of my items are One-of-A-Kind!!

They can't be any other way, because even if I do a pattern or design a second or third time, I can't guarantee that I will have the exact same materials -- or that after I have made it, it will come out exactly the same size! Just a factor in "Hand-making"!! At least in Crocheting and Knitting, though I can do a Custom Order to specifications!

-- Besides, I like to do different patterns and designs -- for variety - for the challenge of trying something new - for the pure joy of figuring out a new design or color patterns!!

So, I decided, in the interest of making my HANDMADE Items more readily availabe to look at or find on the Internet --

-- I have now put a Link Box with the Blog Posts of "GUIDES TO MY HANDMADE FINISHED PRODUCTS" in the right-hand sidebar - the second Box.

These Guides will be current to within a couple of days. New items for a GUIDE will be added -- Items that have been Sold or Removed from an Online Shop will be taken out.

Please Remember -- if you see something and would like it done in a different Color or Size or Fiber --- or would like something similar, but somehow different, Contact Me - either PRIVATELY or through my Etsy Shop.

-- And Thank You to all my Customers of my HANDMADE items over the years!! You are appreciated -- and I aim to please and make what Customers need and want!!

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