Monday, August 9, 2010

The WILD FIELDS of the east Antelope Valley

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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Looking SOUTH, to the San Gabriel Mountains, this is a view you will see between 123rd East and 126th East - in the Antelope Valley!

On the edge of the desert, in the Foothills of the San Gabriel Valley, this is the Southeast Corner of this rather large valley as you will see it in the Summer!!

Driving East on some of the major roads in the Southeast, such as Pearblossom Highway or Avenue T, you will see a lot of Wild Fields such as in the above photo!! This particular view is what I call a "lucky" view -- here you will find only a sprinkling of houses in Wild Fields - between the spot where I stood and the San Gabriels Mountains!!

Following is a series of closeups of some of the Wild Flowers you find in these Wild Fields - after we get some rain!!

And, sometimes, as I walk along, I will see a Road Runner, a white-tailed Rabbit -- or a Squirrel --- or looking up, a cawing Raven or a circling Hawk or Eagle (I can't tell down from down on Earth)!

Yes - I am lucky, I feel -- for right in my little town, I can go for walks amongst still wild lands, even if they are only fragments - they are still wild - and I Love It!! I always love to quote Aldo Leopold -- from his book, A Sand County Almanac, "There are some who can live without wild things, and some who cannot. These essays are the delights and dilemmas of one who cannot."

Though my blog cannot compare to Aldo Leopold's writings, same for me and my blog!! I cannot live without wild things!!!

(One of these days some of these views are going to end up in my Designs In Fiber -- I just know it -- my contribution to "Nature In Art"!)