Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Piece of FLORAL HANDMADE HOME DECOR - in Celtic Woven Crochet

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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One of my favorite techniques to Crochet in is Celtic Woven Crochet.

Here is a new piece of Handmade Home Decor made with this technique:

Having studied and done a fair amount of Irish Crochet, which is a type of Celtic art and/or craft, I feel that I can say that this Celtic Woven Crochet is exactly as the name says -- it is Celtic Crochet, or what is most commonly known as Irish Crochet style or method, pieces that are then woven together as layers to create a design -- and these designs I have are reversible!

It is a little more complicated than your average Crochet -- but I think it is a lot of fun and I like doing it all kinds of Colors - Contrasting and Complimentary!

This piece is done in 2 shades of Green (representing the plant and stems) -- and Bright Pink and Purple for the Flower petals! Quite colorful - typical in some Celtic art!!

Crocheted onto an Embriodery Hoop with a Crocheted Braid Loop, it is all ready for hanging, as shown in this photo in a small tree in my front yard:

Another Celtic Woven Crochet design - this time with a Star is here:

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-- And Thansk to Annie's Attic for their books on Celtic Woven Crochet!!

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Christine Burgess said...

The Celtic design is really beautiful. I like the various colors you chose.
Have a great day, Ruth.