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G2 Gallery of Venice, CA - Conservation Photography Gallery

Venice, California

It was through Robert Glenn Ketchum's Blog that I first heard about the G2 Gallery - he had a post about his Exhibit there in 2010 focusing on the Conservation Issue "No Pebble Mine" in Bristol Bay, Alaska, as in the video below!

I loved the whole Gallery - but especially Robert Glenn Ketchum's exhibit and I spent most of my time looking over his Images and reading about his conservation work on Stopping the development of the Pebble Mine in Alaska!

-- More Recently, as in earlier this month (April 13, 2011), I went to The G2 Gallery again - to see several exhibits and I had a wonderful time again - and decided to tell the world!!

Robert Glenn Ketchum on that date (through April 24, 2011) was the Nature LA Photographer at The G2 Gallery -- and one of his Embroideries was on exhibit and I got to see it live (not just a photograph on a computer screen)!! Exquisite is the only word I can use to describe it!! -- And after admiring it from several angles, all I could think was how much detailed work went into the hand-stitching and how admirable the embroiderers' work is!

But there were 2 more Exhibits at The G2 Gallery at the time that I got totally excited about! Both Exhibits were amazing and inspiring to me.

-- The first one I spent time on was Essence of Life: Fresh Water - sponsored by Conservation International and their "sister" organization, International League of Conservation Photographers (ILCP). See the video below from CEMEX, the publisher of Conservation International books, on the book that Exhibit is based on!

You need to go see this exhibit to see the amazing photographs if you can - it is through May 8, 2011.

-- The second exhibit I was so amazed with was that of photographer J. J. Heureux's, Faces From the Southern Ocean (also through May 8, 2011). Her photographs of the Wildlife in the Antarctica are astouding in how they show the life there -- you really need to see the full exhibit including the slideshow, but below are a couple of videos of J.J. Heureux's photography in the Antarctica!

A Bleak Future For Penguins ... video 1 ---

Antarctic Spring - Iris Bay to Gold Harbor South Georgia Island ---

The G2 Gallery has new exhibits all the time -- and a Gallery Store full of Eco-Friendly and Artistic items! If you are in Southern California or passing through at some time, you may want to make a special trip to Venice, CA to see this Gallery -- they have a number of Events at different times in addition to the Exhibits!

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