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MUSIC - part of my Life!!

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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Since I was a little, little girl - Music has played a major part in my life.

I actually don't remember when it all started, because my Father was musician - he had a beautiful voice - and he would sing all kinds of songs, some of them just to me -- and I loved it!!

I remember when I was really little getting an album of the music to "Peter Pan" -- and loving it!!

When I was a little older, I was introduced to Musicals!  I remember "West Side Story", "The Music Man", "Fiddler on the Roof" and "Funny Girl" !! 

Then there was the Classical music - quite a bit of it.

Music is just part of my life!!

Going to College at a University of Illinois campus - Urbana-Champaign in Central Illinois - was my first taste of living away from home -- and finding my own ways to do things.

And when I was in College, I found some Music all right - live, acoustic - and some of it original, sung and played by the songwriters themselves!!  It was a stimulating environment -- I wrote about it some here !

It was a Campus Coffeehouse:  the Red Herring of the Channing-Murray Foundation -- and there were some great times!

Some of the things that came out of that time were a Book of Folk Music -- and several Albums of recorded music - I posted photos in a Facebook Album with some descriptions !

Here are a few photos with my favorites in each listed:

Book - Folk Music From The Red Herring copyright 1970 Channing-Murray Foundation

My Favorites in this Book:
1. "The National Guard Waits" - Bill Taylor
2. "Time For You To Go" - Les Urban

Album - Folk Music From The Red Herring - Fall 1970 Music Festival

My Favorites in this Album:
1. "If To You Adieu" - Steve Cowan, Judy Spratlin, Nancy Spratlin
2. "Oh, About 3 or 4" - Pete Swinnerton
3. "Anubis" - Louie Kotva
4. "The National Guard Waits" - Bill Taylor
5. "Don't Be Angered By the Dawn" - Steve Reinwand and Mark Hamby
6. "Hickory Grove" - Dan Fogelberg

The Red Herring Bootleg Album - Fall 1970

My Favorites in this Album:
1. "Subtunnel Blues" - Pete Swinnerton
2. "Time For You To Go" - Les Urban
3. "Rhythum of Winter & Fall" - Pete Berkow
4. "Morning Grey" - Steve Cowan
5. "Carry the Light" - Mark Hamby (and Steve Reinwand)
6. "Beneath A Hoosier Moon" - Pete Swinnerton, Elliott Delman, Red Herring Friday the 13th Crowd

Folk & Music From The Red Herring - Fall 1971 Music Festival

My Favorites on this Album:
1. "Raggamuffin Child" - Linn Brown
2. "White Wine" - Steve Cowan
3. "Lying Trying" - Mark Hamby
4. "The Celebrated Robitussin Blues" - Goddard Graves

Yes!  I remember the songs -- and I still like them!  Some of them are just fun!  And a part of my life!

Do you have some Music that is just a part of your life????

Like I said on Facebook -- I still listen to acoustic music, such as:

 -- Leo Kotke
 -- Woody Guthrie
 -- Judy Collins
 -- Dan Fogelberg
 --  Joni Mitchell
 --  Gordon Lightfoot
 --  Pete Seeger
 -- Buffy Sainte-Marie

 - and almost some every day!!


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