Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My White Cottontailed BUNNY RABBIT - More Nature In Art Crochet for SPRING

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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White BUNNY RABBIT Trinket Doily or Coaster Pair

I got a little "sidetracked" when I was working on my "Cottontail Rabbit In A Bush" Project (still a Work In Progress) -- I decided to make a Pair of Trinket Doilies or Coasters in All White of a Cottontailed Rabbit - for this SPRING!

 -- Apparently, though I am used to seeing Rabbits all year long where I live in the Antelope Valley of Southern California, Rabbits are associated with the SPRING Season -- it is the Season where they come out after the colder winter months and mate, from what I have read.  (Though I love seeing all the wildlife - I am not a wildlife biologist who observes the seasonal behavior of them!  I just read up about them occasionally!)

I put a lot of detail into these Filet Crochet Trinket Doilies:

- The Rabbit, with his "long ears", is outlined with a Raised Stitch
- The Rabbit's cottontail is done in Popcorn Stitch, so it really looks like a cottontail
- The 8-sided piece is bordered with a Raised Stitch with a finished edging on it

All three of these features add Texture and some depth to the pieces!  See the detail better in the larger image of the crocheted Rabbit below!

White BUNNY RABBIT Trinket Doily or Coaster

Have you ever seen a Rabbit running at top speed through a field???  I have!!  They don't really hop, but their powerful rear legs really push hard as they race along - then jump down some hole - I am assuming into one of their nests!!

More new SPRING DESIGNS IN FIBER on the way!!  Keep an eye out here for more announcements!  Some bigger, some more "little things".

If you have any particular requests - email me!  I am open to suggestions!

And here on my favorite theme, NATURE IN ART - an Artfire Collection I did!

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