Monday, June 20, 2011

Table Decor with Bright, Cheerful Flowers .... New Series In My Online Shops!!

Ruth Sandra Sperling
RSS Designs In Fiber - My Handmade Designs on ARTFIRE and ETSY

FLOWERS in Crochet, both Thread and Yarn, is just something I do!!  Have been for some years now -- All Kinds, as those reading my blog or watching my videos or browsing my Online Shops already know!!

Strawflower Coaster Doilies - Orange and Yellow

But to some extent, though I usually think "Seasonal", it has sort of been rather haphazard what I was doing at a time.

But now I have decided to actually do some items that should "mix and match", but offer up some Bright, Cheerful Colors and still some variety.

I have decided that I will focus on:

  • Coasters (or Small Doilies - whatever someone uses them for)
  • Napkin Holders
  • Large Round and Oval Centerpieces
  • Table Runners
  • Baskets
  • Cloths & Potholders

-- and the idea is that some of the different items will match by Color and/or Design with each other!!

Thanks to DMC and "America's Best", I have quite a stock of colors of Threads in sufficient quantity to actually do this - and the Threads actually match each other!!

I set up Sections in my Online Shops for Flower Designs -- like this new one in my Artfire Studio:  "FLOWER Coasters or Small Doilies" .

Right now I just have a few items -- and they can be "Mixed" to make some Bright Colorful Decor!!

But I am working on more -- and eventually plan to have different items that "Match" also !!

Of Course, I do CUSTOM ORDERS -- and I have the Threads and some Yarns to make Matching items!!  (Email me if interested - through this Blog or one of my Online Shops.)

Watch my blog for New Articles in this Series .... FLOWER DECOR!!

And ... Here are a Few More Items To Be Included In This FLOWER DECOR Series - with eventually some "Matching" items:

Golden 3D Flower Fall Centerpiece Doily Fine Crochet Art
Golden 3D Flower Centerpiece

Spring Flower Doily, Yellow Flowers in Green Lace, Crochet Thread Art, Home Decor
Yellow Flowers in Green Lace Round Doily or Placemat

Beaded Yellow Flower Coasters, Lace, Small Yellow Flowers in Green, Trinket Doily, Fiber Art,  Home Decor or Applique
Yellow Flowers in Green Lace - Coaster or Small Doily - Set of 2

Coaster Doilies - Blue Flower in Emerald Green