Thursday, April 11, 2013

Beautiful Artfire Collections - What Are They? How Can They Help Anyone?

Ruth Sandra Sperling
RSS Designs In Fiber - My Handmade Designs on ARTFIRE

You can VOTE for this Collection in this Contest today!

ARTFIRE COLLECTIONS are a Great way for Members of Artfire to show the items they've found on ARTFIRE that they like - or that they like on a certain theme!!!

Above is one I made during the Month of March -- and is in this Contest for Collections on .

I included a number of different Artfire Sellers whose items I saw on Facebook in Guild Groups for the Artfire Guilds:  Artfire Link, Check In Today Guild, Artfire California Crafters Guild -- they all have Facebook Groups and Facebook Group Pages where we all interact -- and on Saturdays we all show off our Handmade at the Facebook Group, Handmade Saturday !!!

I do my Handmade for several different reasons -- I believe in doing and having Handmade things, it is fun doing it -- and some people like mine enough to purchase it!!

ARTFIRE COLLECTIONS are actually a great way to Shop on Artfire - in addition to regular search and categories - because they are full of things that others think are worthy of being in a Public Collection!!

Also, some Shops have a link to the Collections they have made on their Studio - like I do for RSS Designs In Fiber:  "Collections" ~~~ so if you like what a specific Studio puts in ARTFIRE COLLECTIONS, check their Studio and look for the link to the ones they have Curated in the Bar right under the Studio Banner!!

Have a good time checking out any ARTFIRE COLLECTIONS!!

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