Monday, April 29, 2013

New Color Theme for the Bruges Lace Oval

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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Crocheted Bruges Lace Oval with Pansy-Colored Violas

This is another color variation on the pattern of a Small Oval - done in Bruges Lace - with 3 Flowers down the Center.

 -- Flowers and Edging in "Light Pansy" - a Violet Purple, Yellow and White Ombre
 -- Bruges Oval in Light Green

I really like this pattern -- I have done it in multiple sizes - from "Trinket" or Coaster-size to the size of a Centerpiece or Small Table Runner -- of course with a few adjustments.

I like the Oval "Trinket" one as an alternative to the more common Square or Round Coaster patterns.

This is part of what I call my "FLOWER DECOR SERIES" - I do a lot of Crocheted Flowers in Thread Crochet.  Some of the different pieces match.  Some people really like Flower Crochet.  I have Sold any number of them - as shown in my Videos on You Tube!

But these also Match another Handmade piece I made with the same Threads that is in my Etsy Shop -- which I intentionally did in the Light Pansy and Light Green Crochet Threads - so it did Match!  I like to make pieces that Match -- it is part of doing actual Decor for Homes or Offices -- it can really be part of Interior Design!!

Here is a small Collage of the 2 different patterns that Match:

Matching Thread Crochet pieces:
Purple and Yellow Viola Bouquet
Crocheted Bruges Lace Oval with Pansy-Colored Violas

 Viola Flower Oval Coasters

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