Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sharing Good Memories - Hebrew Israeli Songs - and the Dancing!

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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A beautiful version of a beautiful song:
"JERUSALEM OF GOLD" - sung in Hebrew by Shuly Natan, Lyrics by Naomi Shemer

~~ See the video on You Tube for the lyrics in Hebrew transliteration - and English translation.

A-H-H - the days of singing and dancing - from my toddler years when I first did the Hora - to the many hours of singing and dancing in High School - and some International and American Folk Dancing in College!!! ~~~~ Thank You to all my friends from all those days!!

If I was still doing Israeli Folk Dancing, I would be doing the "Dance for Peace" in the video below!!  Lyrics by Aura Levin Lipski and Vera Levin as from this website (Chorus):

We'll dance for peace and we'll sing for peace
We'll add in some hope and a prayer. 
We'll dance for peace and we'll sing for peace
Because all the dancers in the world are one family.